About Us

The West Wing Corporation was established in 1997 in California, USA. Headquartered in the city of Newport Beach, West Wing Corporation is a comprehensive construction, real estate development, and North America development consulting company.

As a Japanese enterprise that has taken root in the USA, we offer an integrated set of services that are detail-oriented and meticulous in approach, characteristics we proudly carry over from our Japanese origin.
services range from consulting, site selection, and acquisition to surveys of existing buildings, as well as planning, designing, construction, authorization application support, universal building maintenance, and real estate management.

Utilizing our long years of experience in real estate development in North America, we support the promotion of expansion planning for various companies expanding out of Japan throughout the whole of America.

Since our establishment, each and every one of our distinguished employees are highly motivated, working hard to connect the dreams of our clients to reality and show-casing our "entrepreneurial spirit" and "win-win" philosophy with which we pride ourselves. Our company policy continues to instill the Japanese spirit and an honorable way of working that leads to exceptional results and high customer satisfaction.
As a professional organization in global business, we provide highly customizable real estate development and construction. We aim to not only be a company that provides a high quality "creation" service, but also co-create pride and joy both for our customers and ourselves.

Business Domains


Global Business
Consulting Department

Establish Global Business strategy
Marketing Analysis.


Commercial Facility
Developing Department

Establish large-scale development project
Land/Commercial property Selection
Applying/Getting Permission


Construction Department

Quality and Cost Management
Project Management


Property Management Department

Property Management
Leasing Coordination.


Plan / Interior /
Graphic Design Department

Legal admission
Establish brand identity


Due Diligence Department

Compliance of maintenance condition of facility and it safety
Confirmation of Legal Regulation
Estimate cost for restore the site.


Media Department

Design and Publication



From the Ground Up… Capitalizing on construction for the future.


North American

We provide total support for companies expanding their businesses into North America. Such services include planning support and development for office buildings, food manufacturing and distribution warehouses, and precision machinery production plants. Now more than ever,...

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Commercial & Industrial Real Estate Development

With over 30 years of experience in the field, we offer with confidence and pride our comprehensive support services for commercial and industrial real estate development. We provide a full range of real estate development...

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Commitment to Japanese Quality & Culture

In Japan, where it is often said that "the best of things are those made by the hand," we place a high value on visual aesthetics and the quality of craftsmanship. Time-tested techniques passed on...

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Alliance Network

Heisei Construction
A Japanese construction company headquartered in Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture. Founded in 1989, Heisei Construction continues to record double-digit growth, and has expanded from its home ground in Shizuoka to the greater capital areas of Japan.
The company is now transcending global boundaries by expanding into the American market, where it offers its unique Japanese carpentry techniques to the design and construction of high-end custom-designed residences. Heisei Construction has received considerable media coverage for its ability to incorporate innovation and stylistic flexibility into traditional construction techniques, an approach that...

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EXA Partners
Established in 2010 as a company with in depth experience in cross-border business, EXA Partners currently operates in three global locations: Newport Beach, California (USA), Paris, France, and Kyoto, Japan. As we invest in and expand our own businesses, we also work together with our partner corporations and offer business development and strategic initiative services to help them become successful as they enter and grow in the US and European markets. As we invest in and expand our own businesses, we also work together with our partner corporations...

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Food Processing Plant
Logistics & Manufacture
Research & Development
Food Distribution Center
Logistics & Manufacture



May 5,2015

グランドオープニングセレモニーでの、テープカットの模様JAE ELECTRONICS INCの皆さんと、新オフィス前で記念写真West Wing Corporationテキサス支店デザインチームと日本航空電子の米国法人であるJAE ELECTRONICS INC様の新オフィス並びに、Calibrationセンターが、昨日3月20日 テキサス州ヒューストンにて無事竣工を迎え、オープニングセレモニーにご招待頂きました。当社は、同プロジェクトにおいて、プロジェクトマネージャーとしての 立ち位置から、設計/施工をお手伝いさせていただきました。

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JAE ERECTRONICS INCの新オフィス、Calibrationセンターが竣工を迎えました。

April 1,2015

日本航空電子の米国法人であるJAE ERECTRONICS INC様の新オフィス並びに、Calibrationセンターが、昨日3月20日 テキサス州ヒューストンにて無事竣工を迎え、オープニングセレモニーにご招待頂きました。当社は、プロジェクトマネージャーとして設計/施工をお手伝いさせていただきました。

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